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About Aït Benhaddou

Poking up from the cracked sandscapes of the northern Sahara on the rain-shadow side of the Atlas Mountains, Aït Benhaddou is a glimpse of the Morocco of yesteryear. The town is perhaps the single most famous ksar (fortified settlement) in the whole of North Africa, known for its enchanting adobe walls and flat-faced rises of traditional Berber architecture. It was once an important stopover for traders following the camel caravan routes from Sudan to the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, or to the throbbing souks of Marrakesh. Delve into the maze of narrow lanes and get your Aït Benhaddou tour guide to reveal the hidden squares and old mosques, the earthen bulwarks and disused grain silos. The place – a UNESCO World Heritage Site - is now all but abandoned, adding a haunting feeling to it all, also making it the perfect backdrop for famous classic movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia” in 1962 and more recent films like “The Gladiator” and “Alexander”. To all movie buffs, this is the destination you should be headed to!

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