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About Agadir

The veritable king of Morocco’s Atlantic beach resorts, Agadir has been hailed as one of the country’s most cosmopolitan destinations. Following a destructive earthquake in the 1960s, a comprehensive rebuilding project has given Agadir’s downtown a curiously modern flavour, with futurist and cubist architecture lining the uncharacteristically wide suburban boulevards. All this has made it a truly forward-thinking city, with a noticeably tolerant and genuinely welcoming local population.

With an average of more than 300 days of sun annually, the long sand stretches on Agadir’s beaches are popular with tourists and locals alike, while the seaside promenade oozes with energy late into the night. The Kasbah, offering panoramic views of the city and beyond, showcases Agadir’s timelines from it historic ruins to its modern beach front. But, beach resort it may be, Agadir is also known for its proximity to the Atlas Mountains, and many travellers use the town as a base point for equipping themselves with an Agadir Tour Guide and exploring the peaks inland.

So, whether you come here in search of fresh-caught seafood prepared the local style, the invigorating Atlantic surf swell, or North Africa’s iconic mountain passes, the diverse and dynamic character of this city is one that rarely disappoints.  

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