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About Montenegro

The small Adriatic country of Montenegro is a compact conglomeration of natural wonders and majestic towns that’s long been one of the gateways to the European east. Today, it stands as a perfect amalgam of Balkan culture and forward-thinking pan-Europeanism, a place where Slavic tourists flock to enjoy the rugged beaches in the summer and where all the curious cultural nuances of a turbulent history still mark the metropolitan centres.
To the southwest of the country, visitors will find the stunning Lov?en National Park, where the sharp ridges of the Crna Gora that is Montenegro’s namesake dominates the horizon. Nearby, the medieval town of Kotor is one of the most-visited spots in the country, where the azure waters of the Boka Kotorska flood their way inland; a favourite tip of many a Montenegro tour guide.
The capital of Podgorica remains one of Eastern Europe’s more laid-back metropolises, and is still home to an array of surviving Ottoman relics that are definitely worth the trip. In the winter the capital also doubles as a great jump off point to the range of budget ski resorts at Kolasin and Durmitor in the north.

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