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Ulan Bator

Uncover a surprisingly lively and culturally-rich cityscape beneath Ulan Bator’s concrete veneer with the help of a local guide from tourHQ. Expect horse racing festivals, Mongol foods and more.

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Ulan Bator, Olgiy & Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Come and search for snow leopard and Altai Ibex in the wild on a trip ideal for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. Experience the Mongolian nomadic way of life as you interact with nomads and stay in ger camps. Come across glaciers on your hike to Altai Tavan Bogd Base camp. ...

From USD 2360 Per Person

Ulan Bator & Moron

Explore the North of Mongolia and visit Darhad Nomads, Reindeer Herders, and lake Khovsgol area. Enjoy horse riding and a visit to many interesting places. Visit Murun, the administrative centre of Khovsgol in northern Mongolia. Explore the Ganantegchinlen Monastery which is a Buddhist monastery in ...

From USD 1700 Per Group

Ulan Bator & Dalanzadgad

Explore Mangolia's pristine countryside. Ulan Bator defines itself as a pulsating city with dazzling nightlife and bohemian counter-culture. See the chaotic capital surprise you with the ultimate Mongolian adventure.

From USD 2060 Per Person


Take the world's longest train journey from Beijing to St Petersburg or vice versa & visit more than just the standard stops on this tour!

From USD 4774 Per Person

Ulan Bator

Get a chance to traverse along the Mongolian desert while exploring various natural wonders and observing local culture along the way.

From USD 1900 Per Group

Hovd, Ulaangom & Ulan Bator

Visit Mongolia, one of the best places on Earth, where you can see what the world used to look like—vast plains, hills, and peaks that march, unobstructed, to rugged, snow-capped mountains that fill the far ...

From USD 3000 Per Person

Ulan Bator

Get a chance to spot and observe various species of exotic birds on this bird watching tour in Mongolia.

From USD 2600 Per Person

Ulan Bator, Khustain Nuruu National Park & Khogno khan national park

Drive to national parks to go hiking and indulge in wildlife photography amongst beautiful flora and fauna. Then head to hill-clad sand dunes, visit monasteries and sight the elusive Mongolian wild horse on this exploratory tour

From USD 470 Per Person

Ulan Bator, Khustain Nuruu National Park & Ulaangom

Visit National Park as well as ancient 13th century capital of Mongolia in this tour. Also visit the natural reserve of the country.

From USD 710 Per Person

Ulan Bator & Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve

Witness beautiful landscape, Kherlen river, and twin lakes. If you like to hike around out away from a busy city this is the right choice for you. Gun Galuut itself is the nature reserve that the local-based community runs it. The best place to observe birds in the marsh as well as twin lakes and ...

From USD 640 Per Person


Enjoy a desert full of life and stunning, diverse and changing landscapes, mountains, waterfalls, dunes, etc. You will live experiences on foot and on horseback and in all-terrain, you will share with locals and learn about their way of life, about their customs and their ...

From USD 1750 Per Person

Moron & Ulan Bator

Embark on an amazing bike ride across the Mongolian countryside covering visits to some of its most popular regions and places of attraction. Ride through some diverse landscapes of Mongolia from the cOrkhan Vallliffs of the Mini-Gobi through semi-desert steppes in Orkhan Valley.

From USD 50 Per Group

Ulan Bator

Start your Mongolian trip with a tour of its amazing capital city, Ulan Bator. Visit some of its most popular tourist attractions and witness the amazing culture of this place.

From USD 80 Per Person

Ulan Bator

Escape from this vibrant and tour across Terelj National Park’s stunning landscapes for insight on ancient Mongolia’s history, culture and local life. See the giant Chinggis Khan Equestrian statue, high mountains and visit a Buddhist meditation center while travelling through the ...

From USD 100 Per Person

Ulan Bator & Khustain Nuruu National Park

Get a taste of sightseeing, museum, nature, and the city of the country. Enjoy trans-Siberian pullover in Mongolia for a few days.

From USD 515 Per Person

Ulan Bator & Yolyn Am

Embark on a journey through the Gobi Desert, which unlike its name, has a lot of vegetation, along with vast steppes, and is home to a lot of camel herders. Because of its immense size and its sparse inhabitation, Gobi desert offers a lot of tranquillity and evokes intrigue in the people ...

From USD 1190 Per Person


Travel across an uninterrupted and ever-changing terrain comfortably without compromising on quality, excitement and beauty. Visit the gold plated Budha and see the giant statue Genghis Khan. Spend some time with Mongolian nomads and join them during a ...

From USD 2120 Per Person

Dalanzadgad & Ulan Bator

Go on a journey to behold an immaculate landscape that includes gorges, dunes, and hillocks. Many camel breeders inhabit this zone which rich in wildlife and vegetation. Get a taste of nomadic lifestyle on camelback rides and overnights in a ger (traditional Mongolian camps).

From USD 695 Per Person


Get to know the nomadic culture and the native nomads of this unique landscape of the Gobi that offers you various natural structures, canyons, desert, glaciers, deserts, rocks that are of unique. See millions of years old dinosaur bones, eggs. Also, you will visit ancient city of Mongolia, ...

From USD 840 Per Person

Ulan Bator & Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Marvel at the grand Genghis/Chinggis Khan Statue Complex before heading out this National Park. Here, you will see Turtle Rock and hike to the serene Ariyabal Buddist Meditation Center amidst stunning mountains. You also have chance to ride horses for short ...

From USD 110 Per Person

Ulan Bator

Hire the services of a local driver and seek a comfortable and easy transfer to and from the airport in the Mongolian capital city. 

From USD 25 Per Group

Kharkhorin & Ulan Bator

Take in the beautiful scenery as leave the capital city behind and head into the untouched landscape of Central Mongolia covering Orkhon Valley and Mini Gobi. Also, take some time to inspect the Kharkhorin Museum and do a tour of Erdenezuu Monastery.

From USD 390 Per Person

Ulan Bator

Take a tour of this sprawling capital city starting by witnessing Buddhist Monks, followed by tours of Buddhist monasteries. Then, admire heritage sites and examine the peculiar displays of the International Intellectual Museum. Cap off this journey by observing a celebration of folk singing ...

From USD 80 Per Person

Ulan Bator, Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park & Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Scan the marvels of the capital city, ride to three very contrasting deserts and witness surreal sights of sand dunes and awe-inspiring sunsets. Enjoy authentic dishes and folk performances from your camp as well. 

From USD 1750 Per Person


Embark on this grand tour in both the South and Central part of Mongolia to travel across very different landscapes. Enjoy the very special wilderness and nomadic culture of Mongolia. This trip is perfect for anyone wanting an adventure trip. You will have a private driver/guide ...

From USD 1700 Per Person


Behold the sights of mountains, cliffs, rapid streams, rivers, lakes, extinct volcanoes, green forests and pastures. Marvel at the art pieces at the National History Museum and visit the village of Reindeer people to find out about the lives of local people.

From USD 1800 Per Person

Ulan Bator & Lake Khövsgöl

Course through contrasting landscapes which will absorb you from the get-go. Feast on delicious local cuisine and be blown away and get a glimpse of a long and fascinating history and nomadic culture.

From USD 1280 Per Person

Ulan Bator, Khustain Nuruu National Park & Kharkhorin

Embark on a tour that is a feast for your senses, from the excitement of the Naadam Festival to the heart of Mongolia with its history and nomadic culture. Also, stay in traditional ger camps to get a feel of the nomadic way of life.

From USD 1320 Per Person

Ulan Bator, Kharkhorin & Khustain Nuruu National Park

Book this tour if you want to do a little bit of everything in about a week. Go around living the life of a nomad as you explore the vastness of Mongolia. Then, witness the national festival of Naadam, one of the greatest displays of Mongolian nomadic ...

From USD 1500 Per Person

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park & Ulan Bator

Get out of the city and step into Mongolia's beautiful countryside on this tour to a National Park, one of the largest protected areas in Mongolia. This tour is ideal for those looking to deepen their knowledge of Mongolian culture, history, and wildlife.

From USD 85 Per Person

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park & Ulan Bator

 Head to the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and take in the views of the gorgeous mountains. Visit and see the gigantic statue of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire. Additionally, get a chance to ride on horseback and meet the local nomadic people.

From USD 90 Per Person

Kharkhorin & Ulan Bator

Take up this tour which is ideal for people who don't have enough time to travel and yet want to make the best of their time. Get a great chance to know Mongolian history and see the beautiful landscape of central Mongolia including nomadic lifestyle with your expert tour ...

From USD 270 Per Person


Meet the glory of Mongolia that lies outside the city in the vast open landscapes – the mountains, desert and open steppe inhabited only by nomadic families with their herds of horses, camels and yaks. The desert holds a very important historical place. Visit the largest contiguous land ...

From USD 540 Per Person

Ulan Bator & Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Do you need a ride to Gorkhi-Terelj NP for a day trip outside the city Ulaanbaatar, and do some horse riding? Then enjoy the ride to Terelj National Park with a stopover at Genghis Khan Statue Complex, Turtle Rock and Ariyapala Temple. 

From USD 100 Per Person
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