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August 2019 I was for the first time in Bhutan with a group of 26 participants from different countries and cultures. We were ... More more right

Review for Bhutan Lhayi Zeydhan Tour And Travels

On our past two trips to Mongolia, we have found Oso to be a personable and friendly guide. Oso is very good at helping participants ... More more right

Review for Oso Sambuu

Top Private Tour Guides in Mongolia

Oso Sambuu

2 Reviews

I have been working as a tour guide in Mongolia since 2004. So, till today i`ve experienced the most trips what Mongolian tour companies to organize. I do personally like to do trekking in the mountains, horse riding and bird watching.Since, I grew up in the countryside the western of Mongolia I`ve been close to the nature so fell love in it. Travelling through the wild nature brings me to feel freedom and ... more

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Enerel Bat-Ochir

 Hello travel lovers. My name is Enerel and I have been working as a tour guide and tour manager for 6 years.I speak in Mongolian, English, KAzakh, Turkish Language :P.  Mostly organize tours in Western Mongolia and sometimes other side of Mongolia such as East and Cental part. I am Licensed Guide and engaged all skills that requires from guides :D. Hope you will cooperate with me ... more

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Odno Kh

Dear Travellers! My name is Odno. I am a 29-years old. I am a private, experienced, and licensed English speaking tour guide in Mongolia since 2013. I also speak Korean and German little bit!  I usually go to the countryside with tourists for short and long-distance tours. I am good at communicating foreign people based on my tour guide experience and abroad lives experience. I usually offer ... more

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Altanbayar Aldar

Hello. I am 34 years old. I have obtained my Guide certificate in 2009, but I have been working as English translator (written).  more

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Bayasgalan Hundaganai

Since 1997, I have been worked in the tourism sector as a tour leader and organizer.  I love to organize tours for tourists and introduce them to Mongolian culture, customs, history, landscapes and way of life. It is like introducing our country to the world. I emphasize the importance of communications between the tourists and local people. And I am confident that which ... more

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Dauit Ryskhan

Hi! My name is Dauit i am from Western Mongolia and I has traveled to all the destinations on our itineraries. i am passionate about inviting people to these fascinating new frontiers and introducing them to the natural beauty, and cultural and historic treasures there. “Something you shouldn’t miss is the Mongolian nomadic nature. This is the most beautiful things in the world. And there’s the ... more

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Turo JT

Hello, I am a tour guide and tour organizer in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I graduated tourism management for my master degree and 7 years of experience of working in tourism sector, as well as i have various connection of hosts everwhere in Mongolia. Therefore, i offer over 50 different itineraries such as historical, shamanic, buddism, horse trek, long term trip, short trips as 1 ... more

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Bayardalai Dorjjugder

I was born near Khovsgol Lake in Mongolia.I am 41.We have Tour Agency in Mongolia to tarvel around interesting parts of Mongolia.I speak English,Russian and German. more

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