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About Moldova

Nestled in a little corner of Eastern Europe, Moldova may not be one of the continent’s popular stop-offs (yet), but it sure has its fair share of attractions and pulls. For one, it’s managed to retain a raw, earthy, folksy edge like few countries around it. Rustic hamlets like Ivancea still come with freshwater wells and thatched cottages, the clip clop of horse and carts clattering over their untarmacked streets. Medieval strongholds like Soroca still stand firm against the rolling farmlands of the backcountry, while the meanders of the Dniester River give way to dense forests and untouched nature reserves like Codru. Moldova tour guides also double up as wine experts, offering excursions out to towns such as Milestii Mici, Cricova, Purcari and Cojusna, and the countless cellar doors that lurk amidst the undulating vineyards there. Monasteries dating from the Middle Ages beckon too, while the remnants of the Soviet Union’s iron fist mix with modernity in cities like Tiraspol and the capital, Chisinau.