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About Micronesia

Officially called the Federated States of Micronesia (or FSM for short), this sprinkling of 607 various islets and cays in the Pacific Ocean set between the Philippines and Japan is everything you would expect of a tropical island enclave. Officially, the nation encompasses four distinct and diverse states: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae (going from west to east). Each of these offers a different exoticism all of its very own. There are colourfully dressed tribal folk in Yap, whose palm-crafted longhouses and monolithic money peppering their gardens artistically represent their ancient culture. There are world-class wreck dives in Chuuk, left over from the conflicts of WWII. In Pohnpei, surf swells and rusting Japanese guns beckon, along with hiking trails that conquer sheer bluffs and ridges. Its ancient stone city of Nan Madol is a must do too, while the capital Kolonia exhibits a curious intermingling of Polynesian and Micronesian culture. Kosrae is perhaps the most paradisiacal; rich in cloud shrouded rainforests and mangrove swamps that are fringed by ivory sands and pristine reefs, all carrying the citrus whiffs of tangerines, oranges and lemons that the island is famous for. All in all, bucket-list stuff!

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