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10 Day Western Madagascar Wildlife Tour
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    Group Tour

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    Nature, Safari, Wildlife

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    10 Days

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Take a 10 day-tour to the west eastern part of Madagascar, where the unforgettable morning call of Indri wakes you up! Make a trip to Kirindy to watch the biggest puma predator of lemurs called Fossa, and stop at the most spectacular Baobab Avenue for an amazing sunset view. 

  • Engage with wildlife amidst untouched nature
  • Stop at Peyrieras Reptile Reserve
  • Visit Mantadia National Park
  • Drive to Bekopaka
  • Explore the wonders of Tsingy
  • Day 1 : Arrival at Tana International Airport expand_more
    • Welcome to Tana International Airport from where you will be transferred to the proposed hotel:

    La Varangue hotel.

    Lokanga Boutique hotel.

    Pavillon de L’Emyrne Palissandre hotel.

  • Day 2 : Travel to Andasibe to Tana expand_more
    • After breakfast, proceed along the RN2 to the east of Tana. 

    • Stop at Peyrieras Reptile Reserve to spot reptiles that are endemic to Madagascar. This is a great opportunity to get close and personal with these amazing animals.

    • Take a break for lunch in Moramanga after a further 40 km of driving. 

    • Visit the National Gendarmerie Museum where you can see the original exhibits related to the peace & the criminal act. 

    • Arrive in Andasibe late in the afternoon. Settle in the hotel. There is a possibility for a night walk to spot the nocturnal lemurs, the smallest of the lemurs in the world.

  • Day 3 : Visit Mantadia National Park expand_more
    • After an early breakfast, drive 18 km north of Andasibe.

    • Visit Mantadia National Park to look for the elusive black and white ruffed lemur and diademed sifaka. 

    • Then head to the private reserve of Vakoana in the afternoon to watch lemurs from close quarters. This is the best place to see them and you can even feed them bananas and stroke them.

    Overnight at the proposed hotel: Vakona Forest Lodge Andasibe hotel.

  • Day 4 : Arrive at Andasibe National Park expand_more
    • Embark on your morning expedition to encounter the Indri, the world’s biggest lemurs with an almost invisible tail.

    • See other species of lemurs such as the brown lemur, bamboo lemur, woolly lemur, and other animals such as chameleons, giraffe-necked weevil. The NP of Andasibe hosts a lot of animals -108 species of birds are there to be known in the park.

    • After lunch drives back to Tana.

    Overnight at the proposed hotel:

    La Varangue hotel.

    Lokanga Boutique hotel.

    Pavillon de L’Emyrne Palissandre hotel.

  • Day 5 : Fly to Morondava expand_more
    • After breakfast, transfer to the Tana Airport to board the flight schedule to Morondava. 

    • Arrive at Morondava and check-in at your hotel.

    Overnight at the proposed hotel: Palisandre Cote Ouest Chez Maggie Baobab Cafe.

  • Day 6 : Reach Bekopaka expand_more
    • Drive to Bekopaka, 200 km north of Morondava. 

    • Stop at the Avenue of Baobab to click some good pictures.

    • Cross the Tsiribihina river by ferry.

    • Stop at Belo for lunch.

    • Continue the tour to Bekopaka.

    Overnight at the proposed hotel BB: Vazimba hotel Olympe du Bemaraha Orchide.

  • Day 7 : Explore Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park expand_more
    • Explore the wonders of Tsingy. You are recommended to wear good hiking shoes. 

    • Drive 17 km north of your hotel to visit  Big Tsingy for 4 hours. Packed picnic lunch is also recommended.

    • After the big Tsingy, drive back to Bekopaka and visit the small Tsingy for 2 hours.

  • Day 8 : Return to Morondava expand_more
    • Drive back to Morondava and stop at Belo for lunch again.

    • Cross the river of Tsiribihina by ferry and then detour to the forest of Kirindy, about 45 km drive, to see more lemurs and the Fossa.

    • Continue the tour to the avenue of Baobab for sunset photos. 

    • Overnight at Morondava at the proposed hotel with BB: Palisandre Cote Ouest Chez Maggie Baobab Cafee.

  • Day 9 : Fly from Morondava to Tana expand_more
    • Fly from Morondava to Tana as per your domestic flight schedule.

    • Overnight at the proposed hotel:

    La Varangue hotel.

    Lokanga Boutique hotel. 

    Pavillon de L’Emyrne Palissandre hotel.

  • Transfer to the International airport expand_more
    • Before transfer to the International airport of Tana, you will be offered a free city tour depending on your flight time. This can be the visit to Lemur’s Park, located 23 km West of Tana, or the Queen’s Palace located 18 km North of Tana, or following the shopping time at La Route Digue on way to the airport. 

    End of our services.

What's Included
  • Land transportation and fuel.

  • Driver /Madagascar tour guide, his food, and his accommodation.

  • Park entrance fee.

  • Guide.

  • Transfer airport to and from hotel /airport.

  • Accommodations listed on the tour programmed.

  • City tour of Tana.

  • Domestic ticket flight (TNR-MOQ, MOQ-TNR).

  • 4WD to discover the Tsingy and fuel.

  • Ferry crossing.

What's Excluded
  • International flight ticket.

  • Food and drinks.

  • Tips.

  • Personal expenses.

Know before you go
  • Please contact if more than 8 persons.
Cancellation Policy

For cancellations upto 2 days before the tour -

Refund of 80% of the tour price.
Tour Reviews
  • Vincent

    I’m writing this review to share my family’s terrible experience with Gassitours and its owner Belaza during our recent trip to Madagascar. In a nutshell: 1) Gassitours’ internal coordination errors caused us to miss our flight, which forced us to stay in Morondava for an extra day. Not only did Belaza fail to arrange a guide to help us, he also refused to cover any hotel and transportation expenses for this extra day  2) The contract we signed clearly stated a seven-seat van with air conditioning, but upon arrival we were ushered into a battered seven-seat SUV with a broken air conditioner, and we had to open the windows on the dusty road.  Moreover, the poor SUV broke down one day, leaving us waiting on a deserted stretch of road. In the second leg of our trip, our four-person family was arranged a five-seat SUV, with three crammed in the backseat. On our last day in Madagascar I asked Belaza why he didn’t follow the contract, he said: haven’t you completed your trip anyway?

    Our family of four booked an 11-day trip to Madagascar from Gassitours, inclusive of all transportation and accommodations, and we had paid in full. The trip was from July 21st to the 31st, with a flight from Morondava to Tana (short for Antanananrivo) on the 28th. However, when we arrived at Morondava’s airport, the check-in was closed because the flight had changed time to take off earlier. The airline had notified Gassitours of the change, yet our tour guide Tujo never received any notice from the company. Tujo (and Belaza over the phone) attempted to persuade the airport to let us board, as the flight had not taken off yet, but to no avail. We had to wait in Morondava for the next day flight (there is only one flight per day). I asked Tujo what to do next, he said he didn’t know, and then he told me that he and his driver would have to immediately pick up their next clients, who just arrived at the airport.

    So I called Belaza asking what he was going to arrange for our delayed day, wherein he replied that it was up to us, as he was unable to send anyone over to help us, nor would he pay any transportation or hotel expenses we would incur. I told him we had already paid Gassitours in full, and the situation we were in was due to their mistakes, so of course he should be responsible. He started making up inexplicable excuses, at which moment I realized that I was probably facing an immoral man. I decided to not argue with him further, taking into account that we still had three days left in Madagascar with his company, costs paid for in advance. We arranged and paid all expenses in Morondava ourselves. 

    After losing a day, we landed in Tana and immediately drove to Andasibe, but we were picked up in a five-seat SUV; our family of four could only cram three people in the backseat on the bumpy road for four hours. I asked the driver Alan: weren’t we supposed to be in a seven-seat van? Alan replied, yes, it would have been a bigger car, with a driver and a tour guide, if we arrived yesterday — but now he was only following Belaza’s arrangements. I was extremely disappointed. For the last seven days, we had been in a muggy seven-seat SUV with a crammed backseat, broken AC, and on the 25th the engine failed in the middle of the road, destroying our plan to see the Avenue of Baobab at the sunset. Now even worse.

    After returning to Tana on the night of the 30th, Alan asked me whether I was satisfied with the trip. I said no. Alan then called Belaza and told me that Belaza would meet me in person at 8:30 the next morning (we were to fly out in the afternoon).

    The next day, Belaza was an hour late, showing up at 9:30am. The first thing he asked was if I was satisfied with the trip. I replied, of course not. I asked him to explain why he didn’t tell Tujo about our changed flight, causing us to waste a day of our vacation. He said that it was Tujo’s fault, that he should be ‘able to tell’ that the plane was to take off early. I pointed out that Tujo was an employee of Gassitours, whether it was his fault or not, the company should still be responsible. Belaza then began to say that the airline had a problem. Since it had not yet taken off, why not let us get on the plane? I warned him not to make misleading excuses with me. He said he wasn’t a bad person, otherwise he would disappear and would not come to see me. I was surprised that he had even thought of "disappearing".

    I asked him what he planned on doing about the extra expenses I had in Monrondava on the 28th. He said he didn’t have that much money, but could “compensate” for half of the amount. I pointed out that because we could not fly to Tana on the 28th, the payment to the hotel in Tana was returned to him. Moreover, in the entire travel expenses we had paid, he reduced his costs by replacing the cars and the hotels specified in the contract: 1) Our van was changed to an SUV without AC in the first 7 days, and then changed to a five-seat SUV in the last 3 days. Belaza explained that the seven-seat van with AC was allocated to another client because it was peak season. 2) One of the hotels we stayed at was switched out for a cheaper alternative. On the night of the 25th, Belaza was unable to secure a hotel as stipulated in the contract, and swapped it for a cheaper hotel, as well as changing our two-room booking to one four-person room. Belaza looked at the contract and continued to talk in circles for half an hour, saying he didn’t have the money. I became irritated and told him stop talking about his lack of money, just answer me one question: why didn’t he honor the contract?

    Not only did Gassitours change the car type and the hotel room on the 25th, they also changed our two-room bookings to cheaper four-person rooms on the 23rd and 29th, and were only placed back in two rooms upon our insistence (the hotel on the 25th was full, so we had to stay in a four-person room). The first time this happened on the 23rd, we asked Tujo to contact the company to rectify this mistake and ensure that it would not happen again in the subsequent trip. After the second mistake on the 25th, I sent an email directly to Belaza, verifying that our future bookings were all for two separate rooms, to which he replied confirming it. However, upon arrival to Andasibe on the 29th Belaza had still booked a four-person room.

    Belaza’s explanation was such: we were a four-person family, and staying in a four-person room should be no problem; although the car was not the one specified in our contract, it still ‘successfully’ brought us to the end of our trip. I was furious, and refused his supposed compensation, deciding to go online to inform other people what kind of person Belaza is. In more than an hour of discussion, he fully demonstrated his cunning nature, collecting as much money as possible and not taking any responsibility for even his own mistakes. 

    Be careful when you book with Gassitours. We chose them for our trip because we saw good comments about them, probably because there had been no hiccups in those trips. However, once things go wrong, Belaza is completely unreliable. 

    Feel free to contact me at for questions and more details that I haven't written about.

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USD EUR---- 1480.00
USD 1480.00 / adult

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