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10-Day Culture & Adventure Tour Of Tôlanaro, Toliara & Soanierana Ivongo
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    Group Tour

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    Sun and Sand, Culture, Adventure Sports

  • Duration

    10 Days

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Set out on a less travelled road in Madagascar, camp at Cap Sainte Marie, at the very southern point of Madagascar, visit the dunes and see the remains of the Elephant Bird shells in this 10-day excursion. Next, catch a wave, relax on the beaches of Lavanono bay and Tolanaro, ride a Zebu Cart in Mangily, find reefs on a Pirogue (Canoe) trip and enjoy some magnificent seafood. 

  • See Lemurs in Nahampoana Nature Reserve
  • Explore the local markets and a beach in Fort Dauphin
  • Camp in Cap Saint Marie and find lemurs in a night walk
  • Traverse through caves & see the shells of extinct Elephant Bird
  • Unwind at the beaches of Lavanono Bay 
  • Meet with the Mahafale tribe and see their tombs with Aloalo decorations 
  • Explore the Toliara town & visit a museum
  • Enjoy a Pirogue (Canoe) trip with the Vezo fisherman & see corals and fish
  • Swim in the refreshing waters of Mangily village and soak in the sun
  • Day 1: Arrival in Tôlanaro expand_more
    • We will pick you up from the airport at Tôlanaro (if applicable) and take you to your hotel or help you find one if required. 

    • We will brief you about the days ahead and take you on a tour of the town.  

    • If you wish, we will take you down to the beach for a swim.

  • Day 2: Trip to Nahampoana expand_more
    • After your breakfast, we will take you out of the city to a Nature reserve to see lemurs, and you will get to see how local Antanosy people live their lives.

    • On the way, you will see rice field terraces and local villages. 

    • In the afternoon, we will take you for walk to see more of the centre of Fort Dauphin, the local market and fisherman's villages, ending the day at the beach.

  • Day 3: Travel to Cap Sainte Marie expand_more
    • Pass through Soanierana village, where we stop at the delicious fresh fruit market to pick up supplies. 

    • We then pass through the Ranopiso commune located on the Tsimelahy mountain range, which separates the Tandroy dry spiny forest from the Tanosy rainforest.

    • We will stop at Ambovombe, the central town of the Spiny forest, where we will take you for lunch at a traditional Malagasy Restaurant.

    • In Cap Sainte Marie, you will camp at a site in the heart of the spiny forest and do a night walk to see Mouse lemurs, as well as walk around the Tandroy village.

    In the evening we offer food cooked over a wooden fire.

  • Day 4: Cap Sainte Marie - Lavanono expand_more
    • After your breakfast, we will take you out to visit the southernmost point of Madagascar.

    • You will visit caves and see bats and enjoy the views and the beautiful beach. You will also see the eggshells of the extinct elephant bird and enjoy the dunes.

    • Lunch will be served either here or back at camp.

    • Around 4 pm, we will pack up our tents and then take you down to Lavanono Bay, where you will stay in lovely bungalows right next to the beach.

    Enjoy lobster or fish for dinner.

  • Day 5: Lavanono Bay expand_more
    • A relaxing day at Lavanono Bay.

    • If you wish, you can have a go at surfing, and enjoy your time soaking up the sun at the beach.

  • Day 6: Lavanono to Ejeda expand_more
    • Today, we will hit the road towards Toliara. 

    • See more of the spiny forest along the way, as well as impressive Tandroy cemeteries and tombs.

    • Stop in Ampanihy for lunch and keep driving to Ejeda, where we will stay in the night. 

  • Day 7: Ejeda to Toliara expand_more
    • Along the way, you will see the Mahafale tribe and their magnificent tombs with Aloalo decorations.

    • Snacks will be provided along the way, and you will arrive in Toliara in mid-afternoon.

    • You will have time to explore and enjoy a fantastic meal. 

  • Day 8: Day in Toliara expand_more
    • In the town of Toliara, there is plenty to do. There are lots of nice places to eat where you can sample the local fare. Also, you can play pool or grab a drink at bars and visit museums.

    • There are also big markets in town with tons to see whether you are a shopper or just a people watcher.

    • Catch up with the outside world at a cybercafe or using wifi at a local café or restaurant. 

  • Day 9: Toliara - Mangily Fisherman's village expand_more
    • Embark on a short trip to Mangily, only 27 km north of Toliara.
    • Here you are going to see baobab forests with a Zebu cart ride as used by the locals.

    • You can also take a Pirogue (Canoe) trip with the Vezo fisherman and see corals and fish.

  • Day 10: Mangily village expand_more
    • Relax in Mangily village, swim in the warm shallow waters and soak up the sun and atmosphere.

    • You can return to Toliara in the afternoon to end the tour, or stay in Mangily if you wish.

What's Included
  • Professional nature and safari guide

  • Transportation in Fort Dauphin for 2 days

  • Transportation to the deep south by 4x4

  • Reserve Fee

  • Cap Sainte Marie Fee

  • Camping at Cap Sainte Marie

  • Accommodation in Lavanono

  • Accommodation in Ejeda

  • Accommodation in Toliara

  • Accommodation in Mangily

  • Meals in Ambovombe, Cap Sainte Marie, Lavanono, Ampanihy, Ejeda

  • Pirogue trip at Mangilly and snorkelling fee

  • Baobab forest visit and zebu cart ride

  • English-speaking guide

What's Excluded
  • Accommodation in Fort Dauphin

  • Meals in Fort Dauphin

  • Drinking water

  • Travel insurance

  • International flights

  • National flights

  • Food in Toliara

  • Food in Mangily village

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations upto 2 days before the tour -

Refund of 80% of the tour price.
Tour Reviews
  • abi
    Claude and Erik from Korobo Tours were both great guides - fluent English and tonnes of knowledge about the culture of the area. We travelled from Fort Dauphin to Tulear by taxi-brousse, stopping on the way for a cultural experience in a village where we got to dance with a witch doctor and cook traditional Malagasy food. Once in Tulear, we visited Mangily, snorkelling on the protected reef and visiting the baobabs. It was an amazing trip which Claude and Erik organised very well and we learnt so much more about the local customs because they were with us. They were both very friendly with a great sense of humour and made great travel buddies as well as guides! I would highly recommend Korobo Tours for anyone wanting to experience Malagasy culture first hand!
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