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On our first full day in Ixtapa, Paco met us for a half day tour of the area.  He was on time and the car clean and comfortable.   We saw ... More more right

Review for Luis De La Maza, Tour guide in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

We hired Jose Luis as a driver from the airport to the condo where we stayed. The short trip was was so informative, we hired him for a day trip, ... More more right

Review for Jose Luis Aldama Morales, Tour guide in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Geraldo was my tour guide to the Monarch butterflies. He is an excellent driver making me feel very safe and comfortable over the mountain roads. ... More more right

Review for Gerardo Chavez, Tour guide in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

About Zihuatanejo

To Zihuatanejo first came the Mexican fishermen, who can still be seen bobbing in rough wooden boats out on the Pacific swells. Then came the New Age types and freethinkers, who sunned themselves and meditated between the town’s coconut palm groves and cobblestone pueblo streets. After that, ‘Zihua’s’ place as a paradisiacal enclave was cemented by the patronage of imagined escapees courtesy of The Shawshank Redemption. Ever since jet setters and sun seekers have been heading this way, many anchoring their stay between the throbbing bars and glimmering modern condos of Ixtapa over the headland, and hitting town for the salt-smelling fresh fish markets, the earthy Mexican vibe, the legendary seafood cantinas and the rugged backdrop of the dusty Sierra Madre hills. And while the town still clings dearly to the more romantic, secluded and authentic side of seaside holidaying, plenty of Zihuatanejo tour guides now also offer family-friendly pursuits, with activities like scuba diving, surfing, turtle-spotting, sailing in the bay at Playa la Ropa, and boat trips out to the nearby Isla Ixtapa all peppering the menu!

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