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About Valladolid

Ah, La Sultana del Oriente—arguably the Yucatan’s finest town. Valladolid was founded by the Spanish conquistador Francisco de Montejo way back in the 1540s, a tactically-placed outpost that was to form one of the points of contrition between the native Mayans and South America’s European invaders. It still boasts a charming colonial heart, complete with whispering fountains and the sun-kissed stonework of the Church of San Gervasio. The town also hosts a web of classic pueblo streets fringed with single-story, flat-roofed homes; here traditional craft sellers tout agave baskets and woven sandals and earthy eateries cook up spicy tacos and fresh fish cuts from the Atlantic. However, as any Valladolid tour guide will be quick to note, this town’s real pull lies in its location, tacked neatly onto the edge of the Yucatan’s heartlands, where bucket-list sites like Chichen Itza and Ek Balam lurk between the jungle vines, and sheer-cut cenote sink holes reveal a mysterious subterranean world. Oh, and let’s not forget Cancun and the shimmering beaches of the coast, sitting just under two hours’ drive down the highway to the east!

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