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About Tulum

Tulum has long been one of the most coveted holidaying spots on the entire of the Yucatan Peninsula, attracting the highest echelons of Mayan society to its pristine beaches, rugged, vine-clad cliffs and sprawling temple complexes from as far back as the 13th century. Today, and the crowds still flock here to kick-back between the powder-coral sands and the aquamarine shoreline, to dive in some of the clearest conditions the Mexican Caribbean has to offer, and to enjoy some of the most dramatically-placed historical ruins on the planet.

As any Tulum tour guide will tell you, the various archaeological sites here are absolute musts, so be sure to tick off looming El Castillo and the kaleidoscopic Temple of the Frescoes before hitting the beaches. Then, feel free to get lost between the bamboo cabanas, swish rum pubs, sprawling resort hotels, and rumba party spots that pepper the length of Tulum Playa. And if you’re eager to leave the hustle and bustle of the Mayan Riviera behind for a while, then why not break out into the wilds of Sian Ka’an—a blanket of thick mangroves and untameable wetlands that lurk enticingly just to the south.

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