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About Tlaxcala

Tucked between jungled hills and the haze of Mexico City, Tlaxcala, the capital of Mexico's most diminutive state sports a dignified downtown that's anchored on a colonial core. Wander around, and you will see the filigreed palaces of old Spanish governors next to leafy plazas peppered with sombreros. You will also pass by bars clinking with tequila shots and cold beers, spicy taquerias by the bucket load, and little lanes laden with colonial-era cottages waiting to be explored.

Tlaxcala tour guides can really help you with the sightseeing. They will whisk you through a maze of buildings that includes the fascinating mural dominated Palacio de Gobierno de Tlaxcala, fronting the hedgerows and pine-spotted Constitution Square- a mecca for people watching. They will also have you drink from the spring at La Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Ocotlán known for its miraculous powers, before dropping you at the Art Museum to examine the impressive collection of Frida Kahlo’s works.

Getting out of town to explore the wider state of Tlaxcala is also advised. Archaeological sites such as Cacaxtla, Xochitécatl, and Tecoaque wait to be explored, and dormant volcanoes such as the La Malinche make for great hikes.

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