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Review for Esteban Jiménez, Tour guide in Cuernavaca, Mexico

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Review for Rodrigo GonzÁlez, Tour guide in Cuernavaca, Mexico

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Review for Ciudad Fantástica, Tour guide in Cuernavaca, Mexico

About Cuernavaca

Almost three-and-a-half millennia of history stretches back to make Cuernavaca one of the oldest towns in all of Mexico – nay, all of Mesoamerica! The ancient Olmec people were the first to settle in the lush valleys just south of modern-day Mexico City, and the place they began continues to thrive in its jungle-shrouded, breezy nest. Blessed with a cool and comfortable year-round microclimate, its glorious haciendas and Spanish cathedrals hide a much older past. You can uncover that with your in-the-know Cuernavaca tour guide in the nearby archaeological sites of Teopanzolco and Xochicalco. Back in the metropolis the stony-faced Palace of Cortes dominates the scenery, rising with its Mudejar-style bulwarks over the palm-swaying streets. A clutch of acclaimed mural museums and the bustling walks of the main Zocalo square are also worth a visit. In the latter, be sure to munch on spicy pork tacos as you flit between local street stalls and street artists.

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