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About Chihuahua

Just the briefest glance at the historic annals of Chihuahua will reveal that this city on the very fringes of the United States has been the stomping ground of revolutionaries and national heroes, governments in exile and Spanish missionaries, invaders and defenders and many more besides. In fact, many go as far as to say that few cities in the country have played such an instrumental role as Chihuahua in the formation of the modern Mexican state, and the locals tend to agree. It was here in 1811 that Miguel Hidalgo, the revered father of the nation was executed; a fact that’s a source of tangible pride at sites like the Casa Chihuahua, where his body was first entombed before being transferred to Mexico City, and interactive exhibits recall his deeds. The jail where Hidalgo was held before his death is also still in action, today as an art gallery, while the Museum of the Revolution chronicles an altogether different period of national upheaval and celebrates the ordeals of Pancho Villa. Chihuahua tour guides also champion this city’s exceptionally hot chiles rellenos and traditional burritos, which can be found up and down Libertad Street. And when the baroque faces of the Old Town area have been examined, and the night festivities of the golden zone have been sampled, trips on the el Chepe railway are simply not to be missed!

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