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About Mexico

Mexico’s high tourism rates are of no surprise to those who have visited. The country organically offers something for everyone. Beaches, jungles, ancient ruins, and colorful villages are among the many attractions spread throughout this Latin American country. Most traveled to for its’ resorts, there is a piece of Mexican coast for every purpose; families with kids, couples seeking romance, and friends seeking a wild week away, all find a beach to call home here. In fact, its’ beautiful shores often distract visitors from the rest of Mexico’s treasures. The ruins of early Mayan settlements display homes of Mexico’s earliest residents and welcome today’s travelers to walk among them, while native villages overflow with the nation’s spirited culture. In much of the region, Mexico’s energy is felt as much as it is seen. Local artists mesh with traditional customs in the vivid paintings and mariachi music that permeates through the country.
In a nation that Salvador Dali once called, “even more surreal than my paintings,” visitors find otherworldly relaxation and enticement. And don’t even get us started on the food!