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About Mali

Once the homeland territory of one of Africa’s richest empires, the nation of Mali is now riddled with relics of its former might, all strewn out across a dramatic backcountry gradient of tropical rainforests and arid desert plateaus. Today, visitors are returning to the country after a period of recent political upheaval, once more on the trail of its legendary UNESCO sites and fabled central-African character.
Guests can spy out Mali’s rich historical heritage in all its multicultural glory from its interesting mix of tribes that range from the Sahara roaming Tourag nomads to the cliff dwelling Dogon of Bandiagara.
Of the ‘must sees’ it’s the ancient heritage site of Timbuktu that remains the undisputed gem in Mali’s crown. Sprawled over the banks of the river Niger in the wild heartlands of the country, it represents one of the continent’s mysteriously exotic destinations. And then there are the adobe religious superstructures at Djenné, its unusual mosque the largest mud-built structure in the whole world. Along with the capital at Bamako it is also one of the best shopping destinations in the country, and interested visitors should be sure to ask their Mali tour guide for tips on the best flea markets and bazaars.

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