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Unfortunately due to Corona virus our cruise ship was not able to visit Maldives. However when booking and cancelling tour I found ... More more right

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About Maldives

Enjoying a prosperous comeback after El Nino and the 2004 tsunami rocked its shores, the Maldives are back to being the wealthy island getaway they’ve always been. Composed of over 1,000 islands, the archipelago on the Indian Ocean is full of all-inclusive beachfront resorts (many of which are built on stilts right on the water) that will prove difficult to tear yourself away from.
Many travel guides to the Maldives focus their attention on the world-class dive spots that give the Galapagos a run for its money. These South Asian waters not only stock an abundance of manta rays, sharks and wrecks, but are also crystalline clear, meaning safer swims for the young ones less experienced. For everyone else, there’s always snorkeling.
But if you’ve just come to soak up the sun on the white coral sand, consider a health spa stay or a Maldivian banquet of seafood straight from the ocean to your plate. After all, this isn’t just a weekend destination, but a vacation of a lifetime, which is why so many spend their honeymoons here.

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