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Mr Erick Jamat was very professional. He takes note of my requirements and concerns that I have for my elderly parents and propose an itinerary ... More more right

Review for Abdul Mateen Erick Jamat, Tour guide in Miri, Malaysia

About Miri

Miri could fairly be described as Malaysian Borneo’s anchor in the modern world. Since 1910 it’s boomed, and boomed again with new discoveries of oil virtually every decade, which brought with them all the money necessary to construct and re-construct this well-to-do conglomeration of chic condominiums, shopping malls and multinational headquarters.

However, Miri isn’t just another nouveau riche oil town. No sir, this one has a serious cultural backbone, with spots like the San Ching Tian Temple rubbing shoulders with petroleum museums and the fascinating pre-historic dig sites of the Niah Caves. Then there are the locals; a super-friendly mix of expat riggers, Chinese settlers and Malaysians that clusters on the sands of Taman Selera and the Esplanade with aromatic seafood curries and nasi dishes on the weekend. And let’s not forget the natural wonders that dominate the city’s peripheries (because no self-respecting Miri tour guide would!), ranging from the UNESCO-attested reaches of the Gunung Mulu National Park, to the natural lakes at Loagan Bunut and kaleidoscopic reefs of and Miri-Sibuti National Park.

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