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About Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a bubbling hodgepodge of big business structures and classy gastronomic joints, punctuated by wide, green urban spaces and busy boulevards lined with leaning palms. It’s one of the self-proclaimed commerce hubs of Southeast Asia, proudly electric and advanced in its reworking of the oft-considered Asian traditionalism.
Today, many visitors are awed by the city’s hedonistic nightlife, while others are pleasantly surprised by the veritable array of foodstuffs on offer in the restaurants or street side market stalls. But it’s all part-and-parcel in this buzzing metropolis, where the overarching blanket of character is woven from the threads of unbridled multiculturalism and international investment to boot.
While the iconic Petronas Towers are perhaps the most enduring image of KL’s modernity on the skyline, the city is now heaving with new constructions and other truly daunting high rise commercial centres. Consequently, many a Kuala Lumpur tourist guide would recommend one of the city’s rooftop ‘sky bars’ as perhaps the best introduction to its 360-degree panorama, a great way to get acquainted with the metropolis’ undeniably immersive character that’s much-loved for its ability to flood the senses to excess.

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