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I booked Kuen for my elderly parents when they holidayed for 2 days in Malacca. Kuen was able to personalise their itinerary as they had limited ... More more right

Review for Kuen Chan, Tour guide in Klang, Malaysia

He is very professional tourist guide, he will show you everything that you will not find over internet, you are very lucky if you hire him  More more right

Review for Erwande Gani, Tour guide in Klang, Malaysia

About Klang

It's tempting to see Klang as just another satellite town for feeding commuters into the heart of modern Kuala Lumpur. But it's not that at all. Instead, this small city on the outskirts of the Malay capital was once the epicenter of the Selangor kingdom, and reigned as a princely capital of the region until the middle of the 1800s. It's that glorious past that's imbued the centre with beautiful buildings like the Royal Palace (the onetime home of the Klang sultans) and the Raja Mahadi Fort. Another eye-watering attraction is the Masjid Di Raja Sultan Suleiman, which Klang tour guides often showcase as the real jewel of the town, rising above the streets with its gold-topped domes and Art Deco minarets. For food and more casual recreation, there is an exhaustive list of shopping malls and the Esplanade of the city offers street stalls, while Little India is home to spice-scented Kerala tiffin houses and Rajasthani kitchens aplenty.

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