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About Malaysia

Split in two by the South China Sea, Malaysia is like two nations in one. With one half on Southeast Asia’s mainland peninsula, and the other on Borneo Island, Malaysian culture is a fusion of tribal provinces and high-rise infused metropolises that attracts tourists from round the world. Both regions have dense jungle landscaping and welcoming seawaters, making the outdoor adventures too innumerable to count. Revered for its’ famed scuba diving hotspots and varied whitewater rafting, staying active amidst Malaysia’s dazzling landscapes is easily accomplished. 

No trip should end without a full engulfment in the nation’s lifestyle. Your Malaysian local guide will tell you, food is the gateway to the Malay culture and that gateway is spread well throughout the country. If ever the region’s diverse influences pay off, it is in their cuisine. A blend of Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, and Western cooking can be found in eateries and food carts throughout the country. As diverse as its’ surrounding neighbors, Malaysian culture is far too interesting…. you can be sure that your trip there will be just that!