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About Malawi

Sandwiched between three of the great tourist draws of West Africa – Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia - one can see why it’s been so hard for corruption and HIV ravaged Malawi to make its mark on the tourism brochures. But this land of sheep herders and wild elephants, sweeping tea fields and famously friendly locals is coming more and more to the fore in recent decades, shedding its underdeveloped image with a toe in the waters of conservation and eco-tourism. The undisputed magnet for most who make a beeline to its borders, set deep in the heart of the West African Rift, is the backcountry. With highlands ranging from the grasslands of the Nyika Plateau in the north to the mysterious wildernesses of Mulanje Massif and Zomba Plateau in the south, this wild, wild country offers travelers everything from hippos on the Shire River to lions (recently reintroduced) at the Liwonde National Park. The biggest draw– of course – is the vast and endless waters of Lake Malawi that makes up the eastern border of the nation, and is a mecca for scuba divers, sailors and water sportsters. Yep, these days Malawi tour guides really do have plenty up their sleeve!

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