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About Tsingy de Bemaraha

Attrition and erosion have forged the mighty turrets and needle-like spires of the Tsingy de Bemaraha in western Madagascar. There have been streams of water carving countless channels and clefts into a bed of karstic limestone over millions of years to create the wonderland seen today, spread between the Great Tsingy and Little Tsingy where visitors flock.

Having a Tsingy de Bemaraha tour guide in tow for your trip to this amazing geological wonderland can mean finding the most breathtaking hiking paths and daring rope bridges that cross the ravines and caverns. You will hop crags and photograph deep gorges along the way and get up-close to the sheer-sided hoodoos that make Tsingy such a chart-topper.

And once you're done with the main draws of Great Tsingy and Little Tsingy, you can drift through the riverways of the Manambolo Gorge to spy stalactites and gloomy recesses of rock that house mysterious tribal tombs. Or, you can go looking for wildlife amid the untouched mangroves and high Bemaraha Cliffs – the likes of lemurs and rare Decken’s sifakas are regular sightings.

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