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About Toliara

Developed in 1985 by a French architect, Toliara, Madagascar is a refreshingly modern city with shady trees and dazzling sunny skies. Dropped amongst sandy beaches and exotic rainforest species, the humidity and heat of Toliara can be stifling to the untrained visitor. Instead of fighting the conditions, relish in the endangered animals, lush national parks and the enticing ocean.
A good Toliara tour guide will note the importance of diving in to the city’s local culture as well as its’ natural environment. Nightclubs beat with ethnic and Western music, and restaurants serve everything from traditional cuisines to fine Italian fare. Whether you opt for a day at the beach, an evening out dancing, or elegant dinner in town, a rickshaw will transport you to and from. Used by tourists and locals alike, rickshaws are the most common mode of transportation and the men pulling them take pride in their work. Remember, Malagasy and French are the official languages of Madagascar but English is often conversable in tourism-driven cities. 

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