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About Ranomafana National Park

Welcome to the land of the lemurs. Set high up in the peaks of Madagascar's Haute Matsiatra, the Ranomafana National Park is famed as one of the top spots to see these bug-eyed primates in the wild. They come in all shapes and sizes over 12 varieties, from yellow-hued golden bamboo lemurs to panda-like white ruffed lemurs, all flitting through the waxy tree boughs of the 161-square-mile protected reserve. It's thanks to the unique climates and ecology of the moisture-heavy cloud forests of the area that the lemurs, and a whole host of birds, reptiles and other mammals survive here. The area has hence become a focus for scientific investigation, conservation and ecotourism in recent decades. Today, these manifest at the Centre Valbio facility, where the zoologists study everything from the sifakas down to the praying insects of the reserve. A range of campsites and lodges on the outskirts of the park make it possible to launch into game hikes and longer jungle treks under the guidance of a Ranomafana National Park tour guide.

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