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About Isalo National Park

Grasses clutch every crevice of the cliffs that cut their way through Isalo, while babbling underground rivers emerge here and there to create waterfalls that spill into crystal-like lagoons like the Piscine Naturelle. Table-top mountains peppered with saffron flowers and alien-like shrubs with gnarled branches hunker down into the landscape to create toppling hoodoos and hidden gorges like the rock-ribbed Canyon des Makis and gasp-inducing Canyon des Rats.

There's no denying that this 815-square-kilometer reserve is one of the most breath-taking on the island, and there's plenty to be seen for its awesome biodiversity – think ring-tailed lemurs swinging on the branches, rare sifakas, and the hook-nosed outlines of the Malagasy ibis crooning in the trees. The main draws are the hikes (the Namaza circuit is popular) to enjoy the contrasting landscape as well as spot out the mysterious tombs of the Bara people – both of which can be organized with help from your Isalo National Park tour guide.

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