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About Madagascar

To visit this colossal, gem-shaped island just off the coast of East Africa is to delve into a kaleidoscopic and colourful world of wondrous oddities. Between the multi-coloured chameleons and the fluffy, cloud-like sifaka lemurs, there are blushing periwinkles and bushy groves of wavy tamarind trees. Under the towering gaze of bulbous baobabs, travellers seek out some of world’s most fascinating habitats and natural phenomenon; from the hoodoo rocks of the Tsingy de Bemaraha, to the rugged gorges and craggy creeks of the Isalo National Park. And between it all linger the Malagasy people; hearty, friendly and curiously infused with worldly traditions ranging from Southeast Asia and China, to France and the United Kingdom.
So, whether you’ve come here in search of stunning sunrises and sunsets by the beach, or a taste of spicy Bambara curry, to ride the wind-swept waves of the Emerald Sea, to hike your way over the Central Highlands, or to experience the heady cultural mix of the capital city at Tana, your Madagascar tourist guide will certainly be able to help.

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