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About Ohrid

Perched daintily on the banks of Lake Ohrid, otherwise known as Macedonia’s Freshwater Sea, sits the city of Ohrid, one of the oldest human settlements in Europe.
Also called the ‘Jerusalem of the Balklans’, Ohrid is a spiritual place famous as the city of 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and worship is at the heart of many of the locals’ day to day life. Ohrid travel guides will encourage you to explore its atmospheric old quarter Varos, home to its cultural and historical treasures of churches, museums, monasteries, the classical Theatre and even fortresses, connected by cobblestone streets. But that’s not all; Ohrid is one of only 28 sites worldwide that is not only a cultural but also a natural UNESCO world heritage site, and the Galicica National Park nearby, encompassing Lake Ohrid and Prespa justifies this distinction.  
The city’s cosmopolitan centre is a prime destination for tourists to Macedonia, with top class restaurants where Ohrid Trout and Macedonian wines are always high on the menu. Boutiques compete with charshiya shops, the perfect place for a stroll through to buy Ohrid lake pearls or lovely local knick-knacks and snacks.

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