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About Macedonia

An ancient world lives alongside progressive re-birth in Macedonia. Traditional orthodox monks stroll the land while modernly dressed youth sip coffee in outdoor cafes. Past influences of the Roman, Bulgarian and Ottoman Turk empires have bestowed the country with a legacy of ancient ruins reminiscent of unique architecture. One thing that remains, regardless of time, is the nation’s breathtaking and engaging natural landscape; hikers and skiers find paradise in the Mavrovo National Park, where wildlife roams alongside its’ human visitors. Nearby, vast hilltops and glistening lakes hold stillness amidst the fast-moving existence of its’ local people. For many, it is hard to believe so much natural attraction and cultural draw exists within such a cosy piece of land. But as your Macedonia guide will inform you, the country’s petite size is a luxury, allowing tourists to travel through the land’s different regions with ease.
Regardless of where you find yourself, no trip is a complete with a taste of Macedonia’s local culinary specialties. Beans, veggies, paprika, and sausage make the traditional tavce gravce, filling plates and stomachs with delectable aromas and gastronomic satisfaction; indulge in a dish while you watch Macedonia’s stereotypical European spirit seamlessly encompass your surroundings.

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