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We booked a guide at the last minute and were impressed with the quick service in securing a guide.  This was an out of the box ... More more right

Review for Siavash Sartipi

In September 2016, I returned to Vilnius. Like with most cities I always try to go on a "free walking tour". The concept of a ... More more right

Review for Milda Dapkeviciute

She guided us at belgrade and budapest and her job was so inspirational! because of her, my dreamy job is to become a tour guide ... More more right

Review for Albena Karaiskou

Top Private Tour Guides in Luxembourg

Milda Dapkeviciute

3 Reviews

If You want a traditional tour mixed with fun stories then You have found Your guide :) I live in Luxembourg and work mainly there but once I am back to Vilnius I do tours too so just drop me a message to arrange the times in both destinations! :)Luxembourg is rich in history and beautiful spots, plenty of hidden spots to be ... more

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Daniel Van Der Elst

1 Review

 I started to work as a guide since I was 16. Nevertheless, at the beginning I was working as assistant in the tourism industry, after I realized that according to my personality, the most adequate job was the one of tour leader guide. My passion for history, arts, architecture, languages, paintings and my curious behavior entice my clients to follow me in my trips and explanations. It’s extremely ... more

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Susanne Romoth

As a tour guide in Europe, interpreter in 3 languages and local guide, I specialise in Trier and surroundings. Join me in exploring the riches of culture and nature in the most interesting European region situated among the mountain ranges of Eifel, Hunsrück and Ardennes across the 4 countries of Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium and France. Celts, Romans, Franks and many more people ... more

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Claudia Almeida

I am a travel lover. My pleasure is people's leisure, that's why I made a Master in Tourism in Portugal. I work in the tourism area since I was a student, since 2003, and it was always a subject that woke in me enough stimulation to make from that, my main job. I already worked in travel agences, I have been tour escort, specially through Iberian Peninsula, travel sales, I worked as a technician of Outdoor ... more

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Paul V. Camal

I was born in Liège, Belgium. I have travelled extensively in my youth, buying handicraft between Turquey and Nepal. I have lived in the US for close to 30 years, working mostly in high end restaurant industry and real estate. I am a history buff, with a keen interest in anything about the Napoleon era. I love meeting people from all over, without any prejudice.   I was the author of the 2010 ... more

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Piers Storie

Arnhem and Niijmegen ie Operation Market Garden 1944Normandy Landings 1944The Chindit area of Operations of BurmaThe Western Front 1914-1918Berlin and ColditzBest wishesPiers Storie Pugh Qualified Guild with The Guild of Battlefield Guides No 12 more

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