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I liked a lot the way, how Adam was guiding me and my family in Vilnius - it was so fun and interesting, thank you so much! More more right

Review for Adam Sipowicz, Tour guide in Vilnius, Lithuania

Geidrius took us walking to the tour and  in car to out old city to main attractions.  It is worthy to visit the outsides. He event teaches ... More more right

Review for Giedrius Cyras, Tour guide in Vilnius, Lithuania

Milisenta is a wonderful guide who doesn't overload with dates, but presents the history of the city through interesting stories. Thank You ! :) More more right

Review for Milisenta Miseviciute, Tour guide in Vilnius, Lithuania

About Vilnius

The sprawling city of Vilnius, dating its origins back to the thirteenth century is a mixture of old monuments and architecture, ravaged from time, wars and communism and newly renovated spaces that have made Vilnius into the vibrant city it is today. The large expansive roads give way to colourful sidewalk cafes and restaurants, park benches under large trees for one to relax during a busy day of walking. Enjoy the walk down the Pilies and Didžioji streets, one of the oldest and most colourful streets in old town Vilnius connecting the Gediminas Castle and Museum to the Gates of Dawn, both essential attractions in every tourist’s itinerary. The city is filled with churches and museums requiring a Vilnius tourist guide to assist in your navigation around the city, as the steeples of the many churches loom tall beckoning you to visit. On Cathedral Square, the Vilnius Cathedral has an amazing crypt-showing one the history of Vilnius through the ages. The Old Town proclaimed a UNESCO world heritage site also encompasses the two Jewish ghettos established in 1941, with only the beautiful Choral Synagogue surviving the Nazi and communist occupation of Lithuania. And if you are in Vilnius around April Fools Day, visit the Uzupis District for a fun filled experience lead by artists and creative minds. 

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