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Milisenta is a wonderful guide who doesn't overload with dates, but presents the history of the city through interesting stories. Thank You ! :) More more right

Review for Milisenta Miseviciute, Tour guide in Klaipeda, Lithuania

In September 2016, I returned to Vilnius. Like with most cities I always try to go on a "free walking tour". The concept of a free walking tour is ... More more right

Review for Milda Dapkeviciute, Tour guide in Klaipeda, Lithuania

We found Minda to be a very interesting young man in addition to being an excellent guide. He showed us around Lithuania including Kieipeda (his ... More more right

Review for Mindaugas Jucius, Tour guide in Klaipeda, Lithuania

About Klaipeda

Klaipedia or Memel is home to an enormous spread of the most magnificent forests, high undulating golden sand dunes and amazing white stretches of beach. Hire bicycles from your Klaipedia travel guide and cycle along the narrow sandy peninsula of the Curonion Spit, an unspoilt nature reserve that is a UNESCO heritage site. Breathe in and savour the clear oxygenated air from the forests and the salty sea air wafting from the Baltic Sea as you make your way towards the quaint fishing village of Nida where fisherman bring in the boats filled with fresh fish in the evenings. Walk along the Palanga Pier to enjoy the beauty of the long cotton coloured beaches on either side of the pier as the sun setting over the sea radiates her burnt orange and yellow rays over the sea. In between the alleys of the historic city of Klaipeda discover varied stone sculptures from pigeons, dogs, dragons the old town cat and the black ghost around every corner. End the day with an ice-cold beer and munch on a savoury mince filled Cheburek pie from one of the local food peddlers.

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