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About Vientiane

For all its charm and charisma, the capital of the Laotian Republic remains a somewhat off-the-beaten-track city amidst the heady line-up of metropolises that otherwise dominate this tight-knit corner of Southeast Asia. Following sweeping reconstruction projects under French colonial rule in the 19th century, the town now displays a curious mismatch of Parisian mansions and neo-classical palaces, all concealed beneath a leafy covering of waxy palm trees and the occasional rebuilt Buddhist temple.

When ready to do some exploration, be sure to have your Vientiane tour guide take you to the looming national monument Pha That Luang, the Hophakaew Museum, the Lao National Museum, or the Franco-Loatian Patuxai Gate; which do well to convey a picture of this city’s divided cultural character. Then head out and survey the bustling riverside strips of Fa Ngum Road posing a fray of craft markets and noodle shops, as you pass by locals gliding up and down the promenade on rollerblades holding French baguettes, well ending the day with a Beer Lao and a fabulous sunset over the Mekong. And once that’s done, the karst wilderness around town awaits, where it’s possible to explore the surreal effigies of the Xieng Khuan Buddha Park, or the shadowy tunnels of the Tham Phu Kham Caves.

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