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About Luang Prabang

Situated in the northern heart of the Laotian Republic on jungle-covered karst hills where the Nam Khan joins the Mekong River, the city of Luang Prabang is a place that is at once vibrant, serene, exquisitely beautiful and enchantingly rustic.

The centre of the town is crowned by Wats with glimmering golden stupas that spike their way around the blooming frangipani boughs; sunrise would be the best time to get spectacular views of the cityscape from Mount Phousi, or experience the traditional Lao Alms giving ceremony around the main street. This old quarter is accredited with the much-coveted UNESCO tag, comprising the exquisite palaces of Haw Kham, oodles of curious Parisian-style cafés, and one of the country’s headiest night markets, where hawkers sell everything from Buddhist trinkets to snakeheads pickled in whiskey.

Once you’ve finished exploring the laid-back lanes and pious monasteries that pepper the town centre, most Luang Prabang tour guides will recommend taking a jaunt to the idyllic Kuang Si Falls and their adjacent butterfly park. Well worth a visit are also the wildlife sanctuaries nearby, (where it’s possible to see everything from mountain bears to elephants) and the Pak Ou Caves, with their concomitant wealth of mysterious Buddha statuettes.

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