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About Laos

Landlocked and overshadowed by it’s neighbouring Southeast Asian nations, Laos is a pristine off-the-beaten-path destination steadily garnering a cult following among travellers. Devoutly Buddhist and underdeveloped, there is a simple ease to the Laotian people, lifestyle and ambience that anyone looking for a laid-back vacation will cling to immediately. But there is plenty to do here besides while away the day in a hammock.
The mountainous regions of the North beckon hikers to experience sleepy village life at a local’s pace, inviting them to take place in “community treks” where you can stay with a host family. For those looking for more of an upscale experience, the resorts of Luang Probang are known as some of the most elegant in Southeast Asia, and this royal city is where you’ll see hundreds of amber-draped monks march silently among age-old monasteries they’ve been calling home for centuries.
Tourist guides to Laos will direct you toward the most serene capital city on the Asian continent: Vientiane. Watch the sunset over the Mekong River with a beerlao in hand and unwind in style!

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