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Waleed was a very good guide.  He is very knowledgable of the sites to see in his country.  His English is ... More more right

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About Kuwait

Beset by seas of rolling desert dunes that shift and undulate under the Arabian sun, Kuwait is the very quintessence of the Middle East. Oil rich but less-trodden than its near Gulf neighbours, much fought over and packed with everything from high-class spa resorts to aromatic souks, the land is an enthralling fusion of the old and the new. On the modern side of town, stylish shopping malls sprawl, packed with more brand names than you can shake a wad of Kuwaiti dinar at. Scaling the soaring Kuwait Towers offers sweeping views of the mechanised, steely city, while strolling the all-new and redeveloped corniche area brings up international eateries and fine dining to rival bustling global metropolises. Mosques and museums showcase the country’s zealous religious history, while Kuwait tour guides also show off elegant coral houses and the colossal Seif Palace. And then there’s the backcountry: a land of camel caravans and oasis blooms, the fertile reaches of Al Wafrah and rolling Persian deserts.

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