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About Kosovo

One of the last defiant nations to emerge from the chaotic break-up of the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo is today it’s edging its way forward as a proudly independent and truly alluring travel destination in the heart of Balkan Europe.

In the capital of Pristina the scars and hallmarks of liberation from the communist yoke may still be visible at every turn, but a new-found cultural impetus has breathed life into the city, in the downtown clubs and pubs serving rounds of Raki and the proliferation of heroic monuments and honorific streets that proudly proclaim Kosovo as its own entity. What’s more, Kosovo tour guides also highlight the country’s other treasures worth a visit; the Serbian Orthodox monasteries that dot the landscape, the wealth of history at Prizren, and the markets and cafes at Gjilan or lakeside Gjakova.

Away from the towns, Kosovo’s backcountry is alive with rugged mountain ranges ripe with hiking routes. In it’s traditional towns, the age-old belief in unprejudiced hospitality still rings true. Indeed, if anything, the real fruits of Kosovo are to be found in its people. Endearing, earthy and exceptionally well-humoured, there’s rarely a dull moment when they’re around.

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