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About Tsavo West National Park

A patchwork weaved from a diverse array of different habitats, Tsavo West National Park remains one of the top wildlife spotting destinations in all of Africa. It ranges from the undulating valleys that form the foothills of the volcanic Chyulu ranges in the north all the way to the wetland swathes of Ziwani Swamp and Lake Jipe in the south, sitting in the shadow of Kilimanjaro itself. In the more-trodden half of the park (around Chyulu), visitors enjoy a clutch of top-quality game lodges, along with a well-maintained network of gravel game drive roads and walking tracks. These make the game viewing of the magnificent black rhinos, Cape buffalos, elephants and Masai lions much easier, as well as spying out a fantastic variety of plant and bird species. The area also throws up treats like the hippo-peppered pools of the Mzima Springs, which bubble up between groves of acacia trees after percolating through the porous lava rocks of the surrounding mountains. Tsavo West National Park tour guides help reveal the top animal spotting areas such as Poacher’s Lookout and Roaring Rocks and even run night safaris to let visitors glimpse a whole other side of this great Kenyan wilderness at the end of the Rift Valley.

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