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About Samburu

Once the fabled home of Elsa the lioness—you know, the one from Born Free—Samburu County now plays host to the sprawling Samburu National Reserve. The park dominates no less than 165 square kilometres of land on the banks of the Ewaso Ng'iro River, some five hours by car from the country’s capital at Nairobi.

Traditionally, it has been seen as something of an off-the-beaten-track safari spot, boasting the big cats and elephants aplenty, along with other unique creatures, like the long-necked gerenuk, or the curious oryx antelope. And when travellers tire of Samburu’s own offering, there’s always the Buffalo Springs and Shaba reserves next door!

But wildlife is by no means this park’s only draw, and visitors heading to its wild savannahs should ask their Samburu tour guide about taking a so-called ‘culture safari’, bringing them face-to-face with the fierce warriors and earthy nomadic Samburu people, who’ve occupied this corner of the Kenyan Rift Valley for centuries.

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