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About Nanyuki

Small, sleepy Nanyuki is a fantastic stop off in the heartlands of central Kenya, nestled in the depths of the Rift Valley, amidst rolling fields of agriculture and bush. It’s particularly popular with adventure travellers making their way to the base camps for the Burguret and Sirimon trails of colossal Mount Kenya that looms just to the south. Others will come to sample the curious multicultural flavour of this honest Kenyan backcountry town; its lingering English ancestry, its tribal marketplaces and laid-back bucolic vibe.
Nanyuki tour guides are quick to champion the majestic and sweeping panoramas afforded by their high-perched trading town. These encompass the snowy glaciers of the Batian and Nelion peaks, along with huge sections of Laikipia County and its giraffe-peppered grasslands. What’s more, if you’re looking to visit some more of Kenya’s safari parks in this southern section of the Rift Valley, then the Lewa Wildlife Reserve, the Samburu Park and the UNESCO-attested Mount Kenya National Park are all possible excursions.

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