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About Naivasha

Situated just a stone’s throw north-west from the capital at Nairobi, Naivasha has proved hugely popular with ecotourists making their way through this less-trodden section of the country; primarily as the gateway to the magnificent Hell's Gate National Park, but also for the beauty of nearby Lake Naivasha, its concomitant wildlife, and the intriguing character of the local Maasi tribespeople.
Before heading out to explore Hell’s Gate—with its rolling swaths of savannah and iconic gorges—consult your Naivasha tourist guide about possible hippo-spotting trips to Lake Oloidien, bird-watching jaunts to Lake Elementaita, balloon rides above the bush, or hiking excursions to the dramatic volcanic caldera of Mount Longonot nearby. Also, take some time to interact with the locals here, many of whom are eager to champion their town’s proximity to the wild backcountry of antelopes and giraffes that is said to have inspired The Lion King!

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