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About Mount Kenya

Rising in chiselled terraces of rugged rock more than 5,000 metres above sea level, Mount Kenya is unquestionably one of the most breath-taking sights on the entire African continent. Back in 1997 it was inscribed on UNESCO’s prestigious list of World Heritage Sites, noted for its awesome panoramas, verdant alpine-esque valleys and wealth of lingering geological wonders, all left over from millions of years of metamorphic attrition and volcanic movement.
Today it also stands as one of Kenya’s most amazing adventure environments, home to a number of seriously challenging ascents up the peak, from the 7-day Sirimon Chogoria trek to a plateau at 4,900 metres, to the Sirimon Naro Moru route that winds its way through the scenic Valley of Mackinder. If you’ve come here to conquer the summit, then be sure to ask your Mount Kenya tour guide for the lowdown on excursion organisers in and around the park.
For those who don’t fancy the hike, there’s always the top-notch game viewing, complete with African elephants, mongoose and even the occasional wandering leopard. Or take the opportunity to mingle with the local tribespeople, with their curious lean-tos and earthy, organic languages.

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