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About Mombasa

Rich in history, Mombasa opens her arms welcoming all who visit. Overlooking the harbour, this cosmopolitan city is accessible from the mainland via ferries and bridges. The tall walls of Fort Jesus, a reminder of the once lucrative slave trade are a testament to the Portuguese occupation in the 16th Century. Once an ivory trading town, meet your Mombasa Travel guide at the Mombasa Tusks, a commemoration to Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Kenya in 1952. The pulse of Mombasa is found in the old town, alive with men and women bustling along in their vividly coloured Khanga and Kikoy attire. Walking through the streets with rich smell of spices pervade the air, why not stop and taste Mishkaki – skewers of barbequed beef or Chicken Tikka, two of the traditional dishes of Mombasa. As rich as what it is in cultural diversity so it is religious beliefs. The bright colours of the enormous doors of the Swaminarayan Temple are impressive as are the large paintings transforming Hindu Mythology into priceless works of art and the ancient Mandhry Mosque with its beautiful minaret, calls all to prayer.

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