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About Malindi

Washed over by the aquamarine shallows of the Indian Ocean halfway along the Kenyan coast, the town of Malindi plays host to some of the country’s most startling sand stretches. Consequently, visitors, a majority representing the Italian flag, arrive to find ivory-white beaches bound by overhanging cliffs, swaying coastal palm forests lining ubiquitous seaside hotel resorts, and masses of colourful coral reefs beneath the swells as well.

Those eager to hit the sands would do well to ask their Malindi tour guide about the spots clustering around the coast at Watamu. Here, the Watamu Marine National Park is awash with the wild mangroves of Mida Creek, and guests can seek out the elusive green turtle, or wonder at the ruins of old Gede. Closer to home, the Malindi Marine Reserve, arguably the oldest national park in all of Africa, offers up some great glass-bottomed boat viewing and diving opportunities, not to mention a wealth of deserted Indian Ocean islands to explore. For those who’d prefer to stay on land, the spikey hoodoos of so-called Hell’s Kitchen at the Marafa Depression are not too far, and make for some dramatic hikes and nature watching.

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