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About Lake Nakuru National Park

Seen from above, Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park would look something like a patchwork quilt of scintillating blue, earthy greens and browns and dusty yellow, all interspersed with swathes of rhino grey, specks of rothschilds giraffes, clusters of leopard print, and moving pockets of zebra black-and-white.

It’s a land so famed for its flora and fauna that it attracts more than 300,000 people every year, many hoping to catch glimpses of its greatest attraction, the pink flamingos which give the lake its pink like hues. While rising water levels sadly made the nesting flamingos flee a couple of years ago, this spot still remains one of the continent’s prime bird-watching centres, known for its countless number of indigenous fliers—from African fish eagles to long-legged herons.

To enjoy this scenic spot best, your Lake Nakuru National Park tour guide will urge you to camp amidst Kenya’s wild backcountry and survey the majesty of it all from Baboon Cliff or Lion Hill; this rugged land of plankton-peppered lakes, rolling savannah and looming ridges.

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