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About Kitale

Bustling (at least for this far-flung section of the Rift Valley), welcoming and fun, the crossroads market town of Kitale sits nestled between the dominating caldera of Mount Elgon and the sheer-cut valleys, gorges and escarpments of the Cherangani Hills. The town’s unique location has made it a real favourite with outdoorsy types, wildlife lovers and hikers, who often engage a Kitale tour guide to help them find their way through the lunar landscapes and bamboo forests that abound around the hinterlands here. There are also the hikes to the famous volcano, or the peaceful nature trails at Saiwa Swamp National Park, where creaky boardwalks are criss-crossed by aquatic antelope. Leaving the tantalising backcountry behind, travellers can also enjoy some culture at the interesting provincial museums of the Treasures of Africa exhibition and the National Museum of Western Kenya, along with cultural trips to nearby tribal villages, and one lively bazaar awash with rack upon rack of local agricultural produce.

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