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About Kisumu

Bubbling out of obscurity on the Kenyan travel circuit, the compact lakeside port town of Kisamu is now making a name for itself as one of the most fun-loving towns in the country. It’s hailed globally as one of the most influential touristic and commercial centres in Kenya, offering visitors great connections to the attractions on Lake Victoria, along with a wealth of other cultural and natural ‘must sees’.
With its location in the deep southwest of Kenya, the city boasts some seriously good wildlife spotting opportunities and panoramic viewing points. For these, ask your Kisamu tourist guide for directions to nearby Dunga, where some of Kenya’s most unique wetland ecosystems have begun to draw the attention of conservationists en masse. After, head for the appropriately-named nearby Hippo Point, where the eponymous beasts can often be spotted clustering in the shallows.
But, before you head to the points of interest out of town, be sure to explore Kisamu’s sprawling museum facility. It’s one of the most comprehensive introductions to local history available, and has a diverse range of permanent displays, from spitting pythons to examples of ancient weaponry. 

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