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About Hell's Gate National Park

Don't be put off by the name – Kenya's Hell's Gate National Park is one of the most fascinating and wondrous corners of the Great Rift Valley. Famed for the volcanic plugs and geothermal currents that have carved its landscapes, the reserve sits neatly between Lake Naivasha and the city of Nairobi, adding a level of accessibility into the mix to boot.

As you enter, be prepared to be wowed by stacks of towering stone and rock, all interspersed with green plains, muscular cliffs and even spurting geysers. A Hell's Gate National Park tour guide can help uncover the most amazing places within, whether that's the glittering lava geology of the Obsidian Cave or the red-tinted walls of the narrow Hell's Gate Gorge. Of course, the wildlife viewing is also exceptional, with visions of buffalo, zebra and baboons all common.

Another reason to add this particular reserve to your Kenya itinerary is the presence of the Maasai Cultural Center. The exhibits there help to chronicle the heritage of the local peoples of the Great Rift Valley, immersing visitors in regional art, craft, costume and more.

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