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We are very satisfied with our safariexperience in Masai Mara with Benson. He is a excellent guide and I will give him my best recommendations More more right

Review for Benson Kungu, Tour guide in Eldoret, Kenya

About Eldoret

Perched high on the south-eastern plateaus of Kenya, in the shadow of the wildlife-rich Cherangani Hills and bathed in a sea of agricultural farmland, the city of Eldoret has risen in recent years to become a lively centre of local life, with a well-developed touristic offering and great connections to the countries of central Africa.
Possible out-of-town excursions include hiking trips to the dramatic landscapes of the Great Rift Valley and the Mau Escarpment, where the verdant canyons of central Kenya open up in all their glory. Other Eldoret tourist guides will recommend overnight trips to the Cherengani Hills; one of the few places in Africa where it’s still possible to spot the extremely rare De Brazza's primate in its natural habitat.
The town of Eldoret itself has gained popularity over the years as the home of some of Kenya’s best athletes, and it’s still possible to spot groups of youngsters training here in the high-altitude conditions. What’s more, thanks to the growing Moi University population, a lively nightlife scene is beginning to bubble up, with quirky bars and stylish clubs now peppering the downtown streets.

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